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Brands, Website templates, & workbooks to Elevate Your Business

Get the high-end feel and competitive edge your business deserves! Explore our hand-crafted website templates, semi-custom brands, and confidence-instilling workbooks created to get you up and running within weeks, not months.

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Craving something to set you apart but don’t have the budget or time for fully custom designs right now? Choose your new branding and have it customized within one week!

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Semi-Custom Brands

Done-for-you website design: all you have to do is change out your pictures, colors, and website copy! Have a new online home for your business within hours - view the demo sites below.


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Swap overwhelm for empowerment with our headache-free workbooks and resources. Planning a brand photoshoot? We'll help ya get organized. Refining your services? Find clarity with our Target Audience & Signature Offerings workbook.

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"I was feeling completely overwhelmed not knowing where to start or what I needed to take my business to the next level. Emma understood where I was coming from as a new business owner and was able to guide me on what suited me the best. She made me feel comfortable and CONFIDENT. As to the Semi Custom Brand that she has designed for me? It is gorgeous. I mean, somehow Emma was able to take the little input I gave and put all my visions together to create something really emotive and raw, exactly what I want my brand to feel like. She sees beyond the aesthetics and really looks at you as a person and pays attention to your business and all the little details that we see but have trouble conveying. Emma saw me, she saw my business and created THE VIBE for it."

dulce, photographer

"As a person that is new to marketing, branding and owning a business; I feel stress lifted off my shoulders because you made the process very seamless and fun. Having everything laid out from logos, to color, textures and so on makes me feel super prepared! I love the breakdown of notes and tips for the entire brand as well. The color combinations are so beautiful and you even named them and made it fit my brand and products! The logos, patterns and textures are so beautiful, classy and fun which truly reflect the overall vibe and feel I'm going for. I truly see value in what you do and you are extremely talented. I seriously cannot thank you enough and am stoked to see how my brand will flourish with your help."

janet, candle maker

"IT IS EVERYTHING AND MORE. I am so blown away at how you absolutely nailed my vision. WOW. The colors, font, and vibe are absolutely perfection. Thank you so so so much! It’s insane that you accomplished that in a single day!

I feel like I could have gone on and on and on about my Semi-Custom Brand experience and how ELATED I am with the results. I cannot wait to build off of what you have already started and continue to work together when SUGARFÊTE starts making $. Because of you, I am now confident that I can say “when” instead of “if”. That confidence and motivation you have given me has been such a gift. I am so eager to share it with those in my world and Charlotte."

stephanie, cotton candy cart