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Get a website that is designed by experts, made to *wow*, built to grow as your business does, is easy to customize, showcases your value, and is no code (no code = stress-free, right?!).

The best part? Launch your website in weeks, not months.

Make it Your  Own

Our Showit templates are pre-designed for you, so all you’ll need to do is add your own images, copy, and brand colors. Make it feel like YOU - with 10+ pages in each template, you’ll be able to grow and adapt your site as your business continues to flourish.


Go from this...

To this!

What You See is Not What You Get

We want you to be a confident DIY-er! You get more than just a cool-looking template - you get an experience that empowers you.

Each template comes with lifetime access to video tutorials and a PDF launch guide to help you cross your t’s and dot your i’s. You have the option to add on a VIP day (we customize some pages for you) and/or a Pre-Launch Audit (we look over your masterpiece before you hit publish).


We have no doubt you’re a pro DIY-er and Googler, many biz owners are. But, your website shouldn’t give you stress-preneur syndrome!

romantic, layered, elegant

quinn Template

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The Quinn Showit Template is romantic, nostalgic, elegant, and modern. Quinn is full of fun text movement, layered photos, and beautiful ways to showcase your creative services.

Quinn is great for photographers, wedding vendors, service providers, and creatives of any industry.

Our new template!


Bellaire Template

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Ziggy Template

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powerful wordpress blogging

great for seo

amazing customer service

beatuful designs for all devices

no coding or experience needed

drag and drop builder

no code, stress free, and a quick turnaround time

Why Showit?

With our templates, everything is designed for you. All you'll need to do is put in your own brand colors and website copy. Plus, each website template comes with a comprehensive DIY Launch Kit full of helpful tips, video tutorials and checklists.

designed to be unique to you

Did someone say discounts?

get one month of free showit hosting with code: saltsocialco

launch your new website & celebrate!


use our guide to customize your new template (or have us do that for you)




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How Does it Work?

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Showit Template FAQ

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Soooo... what is Showit?

Showit is the best website builder out there (in our opinion). They have affordable hosting plans and fabulous customer support. See more Showit features.

Can you customize my new template for me?

Absolutely! We understand that sometimes you just don't want to DIY-it. We offer customization of your website starting at $1,850 (depending on site needs), and we offer payment plans. If you're interested, reach out to us to and we'll send you some more information!

Do you offer payment plans and/or discounts?

Absolutely! We understand that implementing high-quality design into your business is an investment. At checkout you can choose to pay in full or split your total into two payments.

You can also use our code: saltsocialco for a free month of Showit hosting!

Can I use my own branding colors and fonts?

Absolutely - make it your own! We walk you through adjusting your design settings within our video tutorials. If you don’t have branding yet, take a look at our Semi-Custom Brands or get in touch with us about a fully custom brand identity package.

What if I want (or don’t want) a blog?

Showit integrates seamlessly with WordPress for blogging. If you want a blog, the pages are already designed for you, and if you aren’t planning to blog, you can simply delete or hide the blog pages!

Is hosting included in the template cost?

It is not, but you can get a free month of hosting with our code: saltsocialco! You’ll need to select your own hosting plan (from Showit’s options) and purchase your own domain name, if you haven’t already (we recommend Google or GoDaddy for this).

Is Showit good for SEO?

Definitely! Showit is great for SEO, and we cover the basics of optimizing your pages and site for SEO in our video tutorials. If you plan to blog with Showit, you’ll also have the SEO capabilities of WordPress!

What if I have issues with my template or Showit?

Showit has incredible customer service, and you can easily chat with them from within your Showit account. Direct support from Salt’s team does not come with the purchase of a template, but if you’d like our help you can book a VIP Day.

What is the Pre-Launch Site Audit?

Launch your Showit Template with confidence - get our expert eyes on your masterpiece before you hit "publish". We'll test and look over each page of your website, and provide a list of edits and recommendations for you.

Site Audits are $319 and can be added during checkout or by reaching out to us after you finish editing your Showit Template.

What's the exchange and return policy for the Salt Shop?

Due to the nature of these products all purchases are nonrefundable and nonexchangeable. Please see our shop terms for more details.